Cashew milk - The alternative from cashew nuts

The milk that should not call itself that.

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Milk substitute products are becoming more and more popular. Although soymilk was initially available on the market, there are now many other varieties made from oats, rice, almonds and other nuts and cereals. The aromatic cashew milk is also becoming increasingly popular.

There is one thing that all vegetable milk substitute drinks have in common: According to a ruling by the European Court of Justice, they must not be called milk. Therefore, they are usually declared as a "drink".

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Environmental and animal welfare aspects

Not everyone thinks about greenhouse gases in milk.

The causes of the boom in milk replacement products are manifold. More and more people do not want to support factory farming any more and are opting for the vegetarian or vegan way of life. Others suffer from lactose intolerance and therefore resort to herbal alternatives.

The environmental aspect also plays a role. Research shows that at least 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are due to animal husbandry. Add to this the world food aspect. About 80 percent of the agricultural area is used for the rearing and keeping of animals, while over 800 million people worldwide suffer from hunger. In addition to agricultural subsidies and speculation of the financial market on food, livestock are thus the biggest food competitors of humanity. All of these are reasons enough to look more closely at plant foods.
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What is cashew milk or cashew drink?

The cashew drink consists mostly of water and a more or less large proportion of cashew nuts. In-season drinks contain between 3 and 8 percent cashews. In addition, the products may be enriched with sea salt or sugar or other sweeteners such as agave syrup. Depending on the manufacturer, stabilizers such as locust bean gum and emulsifiers are added. The addition of vitamins, especially the essential for vegan vitamin B 12, is also common.
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Cashew drink - The production

Roasted cashews are almost always used in the production of the drink. Toasting is the most common method of making the hard shells so fragile that the kernels can be released from them. In addition, when roasting the toxic ingredient CNLS of the shells is rendered harmless.
If you make your own drink, you can also use unroasted kernels that have been cold-cracked. While raw material-quality cashews are much less common, they are available from specialty suppliers.
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Cashew drink - also for DIY

The production of the beverage generally conforms to the process that is the soaked overnight. The production of the drink is generally the same process that you use to make your own cashew drink. After draining, place in a blender together with a liter of water. If you want to sweeten, add some agave syrup or a date. After crushing the drink is passed through a fine sieve - done. For a liter of drink, 300 grams of cashews are soaked overnight. After draining, place in a blender together with one liter of water. If you want to sweeten, add some agave syrup or a date. After crushing the drink is passed through a fine sieve - done. The remaining nut paste can be processed to make a kind of cream cheese or other delicacies.
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How healthy are cashew drinks?

Cashew kernels are very healthy and excellent protein suppliers. 100 grams of kernels contain 18 grams of protein. Particularly advantageous is the high proportion of the amino acid L-tryptophan (290 milligrams per 100 grams), which is converted in the organism to serotonin. Serotonin is considered a "happiness hormone" and has a mood-enhancing and calming effect.
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As a nut relatively low in fat

Another advantage: Compared to other nuts, cashews with a fat content of 42 percent are relatively low in fat. Although they are counted among the nuts, botanically they belong to the stone fruits. They deliver 550 calories per 100 grams.
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Also noteworthy is the vitamin content of the cashew nuts. In addition to the vitamins E and K, those of the B group are abundant (B1, B2, B5, B6). In addition, the minerals magnesium and potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron and zinc.
Overall, the amount of kernels used plays a role in the health assessment of cashew milk. In the own production one has on it as well as on the enrichment with sweeteners an influence.
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Taste and use

Cashew drinks are versatile

Cashew drink has a nutty taste and a pleasant velvety consistency. It can be enjoyed cold or warm, serve as a basis for smoothies and refine the coffee - you can even open it. Also for cooking and baking, as an addition to muesli and for the production of delicious ice cream Cashewdrink is ideal. The uses are numerous and invite you to experiment and develop your own recipes.
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