Lupine milk - worth knowing about the vegan drink from lupine seeds

Lupine milk as a herbal milk alternative

Lupine milk from sweet lupins - © CC0 - Pixabay - AnetFou

Many people prefer milk directly from the animal. In addition to cow's milk, other animal milk types are becoming more and more common. But herbal milk alternatives are also becoming increasingly popular. Lupine milk introduces a special form of herbal milk. Obtained from sweet lupins, the milk has human-essential amino acids and other nutrients in a particularly high number. Find out more about the drink from lupine seeds here in this article.

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Lupine milk from sweet lupins - © CC0 - Pixabay - OrnaW

Sweet lupine seeds turn into milk

Lupine milk is considered a herbal milk alternative, which, however, is less known than soymilk. Nevertheless, the plant milk has many important nutrients in the form of essential amino acids. Similar to soymilk, the production of lupine milk requires only a sufficient amount of sweet lupine seeds, so that the milk variant is free of additives or allergens. The sweet lupins belong to the group of legumes, especially their seeds have a variety of nutrients.
Typical of lupine seeds is their appearance, as the seeds are round and reminiscent of peas. The seeds are freshly harvested from the blue-flowering lupine and then dried. So that the lupine seeds can be processed into lupine milk, the seeds must then be soaked in water for eight hours. The softened seeds are finely ground until the so-called lupine mash, a liquid porridge, is formed. Finally, the porridge is squeezed out and the resulting liquid collected. However, the production of lupine milk is not yet complete, as the liquid is usually flavored or fermented before it is offered for sale as a milk substitute. It is also possible to process the liquid to Lupinentofu and other products from lupins.

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Lupine milk from sweet lupins - © CC0 - Pixabay - KRiemer

More protein than other milk substitutes

Although lupine milk is less known than comparable milk alternatives, such as soymilk, the milk variant has many human benefits, mainly in terms of content and nutrients. Basically, sweet lupine seeds contain more than 40 percent protein, which in turn contains many essential amino acids and minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium.
The very gentle processing and production process of the seeds ensures that the high protein content of the seeds is also contained in the milk. Due to its protein, lupine milk is considered a valuable protein source. Especially in the vegan diet, the milk alternative from lupine seeds is considered to be one of the highest quality protein sources. At the same time, lupine milk has neither gluten, lactose, milk protein nor soy proteins, which makes the herbal milk alternative equally suitable for allergy sufferers. In addition, the milk contains little purine compared to all other protein suppliers, so that people who are suffering from gout, for example, can easily consume the food.
Lupine milk from sweet lupins - © CC0 - Pixabay - ramboldheiner

Many products made from lupine milk

Like traditional animal milk and many herbal alternatives, lupine milk is not just drunk as milk. The sweetish plant milk can be further processed into many products, although these are usually only available in certain stores. Depending on the manufacturing process, the taste of the milk differs enormously, as a result of which its products can taste just as different. A fast production ensures that the lupine milk maintains its own taste as far as possible.
A longer production process that lasts several days, on the other hand, leads to a dairy product that barely has the peculiar taste of sweet lupine seeds. Particularly popular are drinks made from lupine milk, which either have the pure taste of sweet lupine seeds or are enriched with flavors such as vanilla or fruits. If necessary, the drinks can be foamed and used for coffee drinks, for example. In addition, lupine yoghurt yogurts are available that have a neutral yoghurt flavor. Neutral yoghurts can be further processed for sauces and creamier dishes such as Tratziki. Just like the drink variant, yoghurts made from lupine milk are also available with fruit flavors, which can be eaten neat or together with fruit or muesli.
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