Macadamia Milk - All about the milk alternative made from macadamia nuts

Milk alternative from the nuts of the macadammia tree

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For environmental and animal welfare reasons, cow's milk is increasingly being replaced by herbal milk alternatives. Originally mainly soy milk available, today there are many different alternatives to traditional animal milk. Among these milk drinks, macadamia chile from macadamia nuts is especially popular as a milk substitute.

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Worth knowing about macadamia nuts

The up to 18 meter high macadamia trees are among the silver tree plants. Originally from Australia, today the trees are distributed to Hawaii, South America and South Africa. The globular drupes have an initially green, leathery shell in the ripe state, which opens at a seam and releases the 2-centimeter stone core. The macadamia nut is protected with another hard, glossy shell that is difficult to open.
Macadamia nuts have a perfect taste. Due to the complicated processing, the queen of nuts is one of the most expensive nut varieties.
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Making macadamia milk

The macadamia nuts are soaked in plenty of water for at least four hours. The soaking process releases unwanted phytines, tannins and enzyme inhibitors from the nut. Then the nuts are thoroughly washed and finely pureed in a blender together with dates. Residual solids are separated in a nutmilk bag or with a fine sieve. The macadamia is bottled in the refrigerator for up to a week.

How does macadamia taste milk?

Macadamia milk tastes almost like cows milk with honey. Due to the high fat content, it is creamy and tastes slightly buttery. The sweet note is created by sweetening with dates, honey or maple syrup.

Ingredients of macadamia drinks

The vegan milk contains no lactose and is therefore also suitable for people who have an intolerance to lactose. Due to the high fat content, the milk is high in calories. Macadamia Milk contains plenty of B vitamins, minerals, trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids. The content of protein and fiber is much higher than that of cow's milk.

Is Macadami Milk healthy?

Macadamia Milk contains healthy fat, which promotes the lowering of cholesterol. The unsaturated fatty acids support heart function and blood vessels. B vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium provide healthy bones and boost brain and nerve performance. The fiber supports digestion and intestinal movements. The high content of vegetable protein promotes the development of the muscles.

Products made from macadamia milk

Macadamia drinks can be purchased over the internet or directly at the grocery store. They are available in different flavors, chocolate, vanilla or fruit. Macadamia cream differs from milk in its lower water content and can be used to bind sauces or to make desserts.

Macadamia milk in cosmetics

Macadamia contains Aquaderm, a substance that increases the retention of moisture in the skin. The skin becomes smooth and elastic, premature wrinkling is prevented by the nourishing effect.

Differences to other milk alternatives

Macadami milk is more fatty than milk from other nut varieties. Their taste is fuller and creamier. Switching from cow's milk to herbal alternatives is easier with macadamia, as its taste is most similar to cow's milk. The active ingredient content of macadamia milk is higher than that of other nut drinks.
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