Oat Milk / Oat Drink - What can the vegan milk substitute do?

The oat drink is one of the most popular options for alternatives to cow milk. All information here.

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Milk alternatives are increasingly finding their way into German refrigerators. The oat drink is one of the most popular options. The reasons for this are diverse. In addition to vegan diet is an increased health, but also environmental awareness responsible for the great popularity. In order not to harm the dairy industry, the sale of vegetable milk substitutes until 1990 was actually banned. For the same reason, "milk" should not really be mentioned in this context, since the term may only be used for animal products. In everyday language, the wording has prevailed, but in the trade it is usually offered with oat drink or oat drink.

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Production of the oat drink

The production of the milk alternative is simple. The oat seed is first dehusked, so the outer shell of the grain removed. Then the grain is mixed with water and ground. All solid components are then filtered out and can be reused. The end product on sale may contain even more supplements, vitamins or minerals.
Oat milk seems expensive compared to cow's milk. Therefore, the simple production in their own four walls offers: Again, only water, oats and if needed something to sweeten. All ingredients are pureed and then filtered through a tea towel - done.
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Ingredients of the drink

Although some healthy ingredients are lost during industrial processing, the oat drink convinces among other things with the special fiber ß-glucan. The special type of sugar promotes digestion. The calorie count can vary a lot, but is on average about 45 kcal per 100 ml. This corresponds to the energy value of cow's milk and is therefore not exactly low. The fat content is about 1.2% depending on the manufacturing process.

Oat milk contains neither lactose nor milk protein and is therefore a tasty milk substitute for allergy sufferers. However, it is unsuitable for people with gluten intolerance. A big plus for oatmilk is that not only does it not contain cholesterol, it even helps lower cholesterol levels in the body.
Anyone looking for a source of calcium, as is usual with ordinary milk, is wrong with oats. Then one should resort to soy products or cow's milk. Many experts recommend, especially for the child's diet, at least not completely abandon the animal variant. Unfortunately, oatmilk can not serve as a protein supplier either.
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Oat Milk - A Real Superfood: The Benefits

Oat lasts for a long time, boosts digestion and prevents blockages. He is not only considered a healthy, energetic breakfast, but also finds more and more use in diets. Nutritionists recommend one glass of oat drink before each main meal. This dampens the appetite and provides with little food for a long-lasting satiety. This can avoid food cravings. The cereal also helps detoxify and flush out excess water and fats.
But the drink can do more than that. With 5 vitamins and 6 minerals, oats contain lots of substances that are essential for our bodily functions. Some studies even suggest that he can prevent cancer.
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Compared to other vegan options, oats seem to be a good choice. Nut milks such as almond or coconut milk are often more expensive. Soy is often criticized for its hormone-altering properties. That wheat is not the most nutritious grain for humans, should be clear to everyone after the recent debates. But even compared to other cereal drinks, the oat variety contains much more important nutrients.

Not only for humans, the drink is well tolerated, but also for the environment. Here not only the welfare of the animals is in the foreground, but also production factors. In the case of vegetable milk varieties, the high and climate-damaging emissions of methane are eliminated. The carbon footprint is much smaller.
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Use of oat drinks

The milk substitute is in no way inferior to the original. Oat milk is relatively sweet even without added sugar and can be used very well for cooking and baking. It is also great as an addition in the morning coffee. Like cow or soy milk, it can even be lathered up. The resulting foam disappears quickly. If you want to impress your guests with latte macchiato or cappuccino you have to look for another solution.
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Where can I buy oat drinks?

At least since the great fitness and health trend of recent years, you can find oat drinks in various versions: sweetened or unsweetened, with added vitamins or minerals, organic or not, UHT and flavored, flavored with chocolate or vanilla, in combination with other milk alternatives or pure ,

Every supermarket, every well-stocked drugstore and even some discounters have added oatmilk to their assortment at a reasonable price. Anyone who has never tasted it, should do so urgently, because one thing is clear: oats can do more than just horse food and cereals!
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