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▷ Pea milk - worth knowing about the vegan milk alternative


Pea milk - worth knowing about the vegan milk alternative

Pea milk: The new milk alternative for vegans and allergy sufferers

Pea milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - Rabbixel

The American manufacturer "ripple" has brought the pea milk on the market. The milk alternative is made from yellow peas and is completely vegan. What is inside and how it differs from the typical cow's milk. Find out more about milk replacement here.

Pea milk - ©

Pea milk: that's in it

Pea milk is the vegan alternative to cow's milk. According to the manufacturer ripple, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and calcium. It also contains protein and proteins. In about 200 milliliters - that's one serving - there are eight grams of proteins, minerals and other substances.
However, less desirable additives are included. In addition to sugar, milk also contains thickening agents and flavor enhancers. However, like classic cow's milk, the pea milk does not taste good. The taste is reminiscent of soy milk and the consistency of the alternative drink is less viscous. The different flavors sometimes contain other ingredients. For example, the Vanilla version, which the manufacturer has been offering in every US organic store since mid-2017, contains vanilla powder.
The healthy milk alternative is made from algae oil, sunflower oil, cane sugar and, of course, the eponymous peas that first give the milk its characteristic taste. For the pea milk of the US start-up yellow split peas are used. They give the milk its very special taste.
Pea milk - ©

The differences to cow's milk

Pea milk differs on some aspects of cow's milk. First, the pea milk is a vegan product. Instead of cow's milk vegetable ingredients are included, which are better tolerated by many people. The taste is different too. The pea milk is sweetish and has a vegetable taste that goes well with vegan muesli and other foods. In short: pea milk is just a nameake of the milk. All other aspects, from taste to ingredients, vary considerably. Only the appearance has hit the manufacturer with its unique composition. But for whom is the pea milk and who is more suitable for classic cow's milk?
Pea milk - ©

Pea milk is suitable for allergy sufferers

Unlike cow's milk, pea milk does not contain lactose. Also gluten, soy, nuts, milk protein and other typical allergens are not included. In addition, the milk is free of genetic engineering and therefore particularly ecological. This makes them an optimal alternative for allergy sufferers who can not tolerate milk sugar and who also beat soy or rice milk on the stomach. Nevertheless, because the pea milk contains flavors, the drink should first be tested to avoid an allergic reaction.
Pea milk - ©

Where is the pea milk available?

The pea milk is so far only available in the USA. There she was added to the assortment in selected stores in May 2016. The price of 4.99 US dollars per 1.42 liters is steep, but understandable in terms of ingredients. In this country, the pea milk is not yet available. The manufacturer has already announced that it intends to use the unique pea mixture in the future for the production of cheese and yoghurt.
Currently, there is already a chocolate pea milk, which contains cocoa in addition to the ingredients mentioned. In addition, there is an unsweetened version, vanilla and unsweetened vanilla in the assortment of the manufacturer, who stands by its products for a sustainable future. For athletes, ripple now offers a vegan protein powder, which is also available in different flavors. On the website of the manufacturer interested find more information on the exotic milk alternative.
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