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▷ Sesame milk - All about the vegan milk alternative


Sesame milk - All about the vegan milk alternative

Ingredients - that's in the healthy milk from sesame

Jar with sesame seeds - © Pixabay - PublicDomainPictures

Sesame is a very special seed and provides a vegan milk alternative. It contains numerous valuable amino acids. The protein requirement can be met in a natural way. Magnesium and calcium are also in the whitish liquid. Calcium is particularly important for our teeth and bones, while magnesium calms our nerves and relaxes the muscles.

Zinc is also abundant. This mineral also has a positive effect on the bones and the immune system. Thanks to the phytosterols it contains, sesame milk also has a positive effect on the heart. Vitamins B1, B2 and E are also included. The antioxidants help the nervous system, organs, skin and muscles. By the way, just two tablespoons of sesame milk also fill 53% of the recommended copper requirement. Copper helps our body produce bundle tissue and reduce inflammation in the body. Another ingredient in milk is manganese for synthesizing that of the enzymes. In short: Even a glass of milk from the fine seeds is full of healthy and important ingredients for our organism.

Sesame seeds at the table - © Pixabay - SEMSEMS

The advantage over cow's milk

Sesame milk contains around six times as much calcium as ordinary cow's milk. It is also easier to digest. Many people don't tolerate cow's milk very well. This is because cow's milk is the food for small cow calves. From a biological point of view, milk is not intended for the human organism. In addition, milk is always suspected of being a health problem.
ying yang from sesame seeds - © Pixabay - Enotovyj

Medicine - sesame for digestion

Sesame and sesame milk are used especially in traditional Chinese medicine. Sesame strengthens digestion and moisturizes the intestinal region. Those who have a well-functioning intestinal tract relieve the kidney. Sesame milk is also said to help stimulate milk production during pregnancy, weakness or anemia. Sesame is also considered anti-inflammatory and can reduce pain and swelling. Cholesterol should also be reduced with the help of sesame. Studies have already concluded that heart function can be improved thanks to sesame milk.
sesame - © Pixabay - Pezibear

Sesame milk - this is where it is used

Sesame milk is contained in some shower oils and shower gels. The sesame is good for the skin and provides a pleasant feeling. Sesame milk can also be used to make cakes, muffins, cornbreads and pancakes, soufflé and vegetable pies, for example.


Sesame milk is only available in selected stores. In well-stocked shops, it is offered alongside soy milk, rice milk and almond milk. If you can't find the milk, it's best to make it yourself. All you need is fresh sesame and a little maple syrup. Half a kilo of unpeeled sesame costs around three euros.
sesame - © Pixabay - allybally4b

Sesame - an old oil plant

Sesame was grown in what is now Syria and Iraq as early as 3000 years before Christ. Sesame later spread to India. The ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians already swore on sesame in the form of oil and spices. Soldiers also often carried a pack of sesame seeds for strengthening. The seeds also had an important meaning in relation to death. Sesame was often added to the tombs of Egyptian kings. In Greece, people use sesame oil for anointing births, weddings and deaths.
Sesame seeds - © Pixabay - SEMSEMS

This is how you can make sesame milk yourself

Milk from sesame? That sounds a bit strange at first. In fact, the sesame milk - as the name suggests - consists of sesame. For this, the sesame is soaked in warm salt water for several hours and then rinsed well in a sieve. Then the small seeds are pureed with salt, maple syrup and water. At the end of the process, the liquid is passed through a fine sieve again and the sesame milk is already ready.
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