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▷ Soy Milk - All about the alternative to cow's milk ▷


Soy milk / soy drink - all about the alternative to cow's milk

Soy milk can be used in the kitchen in many ways.

soy milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - bigfatcat

Although soymilk has been known as a nutritious drink for thousands of years, it has only recently become a real trend. This evolved naturally - how could it be otherwise - first in the USA, where one ordered his Coffee to go suddenly with soy drink instead of normal cow milk. Meanwhile, the trend has long since arrived here and also very healthy: soy milk is significantly lower in calories than cow's milk and also rich in nutrients. For people who are lactose intolerant or who want to eat vegan, the drink is an excellent alternative to regular milk.

soy milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - rawpixel

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts - What's in Soymilk?

In direct comparison to cow's milk, soy milk scores in many ways. Although both drinks contain a lot of protein, soy proteins are considered very high quality. The reason: Our body can process it very well and harmful cholesterol also does not exist in it.
Who wants to lose weight, is also well advised with soy milk, because it contains only 2.2 grams of fat per 100 ml, while it is in normal whole milk already 3.5 g. The fat contained is also significantly higher quality, because it is composed mainly of unsaturated fats. Furthermore, the drink helps the body to bind valuable enzymes more easily and thus to utilize carbohydrates faster. Soy milk also contains high levels of flavonoids, saponins and folic acid. However, the vitamin B12 is not present in the milk, which is why it is often added later industrially.

For people who suffer from lactose intolerance, soymilk is an excellent choice. A disadvantage in comparison to cow's milk, however, is that it has a very low calcium content.
soy milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - bigfatcat

Soy milk in the review: what you should know

Although soymilk offers many positive qualities, it is repeatedly criticized: it is often thought that it is not so healthy and, for example, even affects the fertility of men. So far, however, this has not yet been scientifically proven. However, it is true that soy can promote the development of allergies. In particular, the protein contained therein is often one of the main triggers of food intolerances. Anyone who is allergic to birch pollen often reacts with cross-allergies when eating soymilk.
soy milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - bigfatcat

Origin and cultivation of soymilk

Soymilk was already known before the birth of Christ: around 164 BC. The Chinese knew the drink and quickly made it a valued food in the rest of Asia. Not only did soy milk quench the thirst, it also became the basis for many other soybean products. In Germany, soy milk has become very popular and popular only in the last decades, but especially in the past five years. Due to the healthy ingredients and the good compatibility, more and more people are doing without cow's milk and instead switching to soymilk. Soymilk has become an integral part of many cafés. Incidentally, within Germany, soy milk should not be designated as such, as this term is protected. Anyone who reads "soy drink" on a packaging will most likely still buy pure soy milk.
soy milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - FranckinJapan

Uses for soy milk

Soy milk can be used in the kitchen in many ways. Basically, it is used in the same way as milk: You can enjoy it in coffee, cook with it and also rice pudding, cereals, desserts and drinks. Soymilk is also a good supplement for soups and sauces, as long as it contains no flavor-forming additives. Vegetarians and vegans appreciate soy milk because it is completely of plant origin. In Japanese and Chinese cuisine, the drink is also an integral part of many recipes.

How do you find the right soymilk in retail?

In supermarkets, there is now an abundant selection of different soy drinks, such as pure soy milk or mixed drinks milk-based. Some of these contain sugar, and some have been supplemented with calcium. Also organic soymilk and natural, untreated soymilk are available. A comparison quickly shows that there can be considerable differences between the individual products, especially in terms of price. However, this is by no means decisive for the quality of the drink. It is therefore advisable to first look at the ingredients to know exactly what's in it.
Soymilk from the supermarket, which has been preserved, can be stored for up to one year without having to be refrigerated. Of course, this always applies considering the stated best before date. However, once soy milk has been opened, it must always be stored in the refrigerator and, if possible, consumed in the same week - as well as cow's milk. Fresh soymilk, as it is available in organic markets, is only available for a few days and must be kept closed even in the refrigerator.
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