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▷ Spelt milk - all about the vegan milk alternative from spelt


Spelt milk - all about the vegan milk alternative from spelt

Spelt drinks are trendy.

spelled milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - gaetano28

There are various reasons why people refrain from using cow's milk and increasingly resort to alternatives such as spelt milk. The cause may be lactose intolerance as well as the desire to eat vegan. Some try the milk alternatives out of interest.

spelt milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - benibeny

How spelt milk is made

The production of spelt milk is relatively simple and also inexpensive, because the required ingredients are available for little money. For a tasty milk alternative you just need four ingredients, all of which can be purchased at retail.
Process for the production of spelt milk
In order to produce 1 liter naturally sweetened spelt milk, you need only a few ingredients in addition to a seed glass and a sieve:
  • 60 g raw, germinable spelt
  • 750 ml of water
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder
5 dates without stones

The addition of vanilla powder and dates is recommended, because the spelt milk otherwise unfolds a strong taste for grain. First, the spelt is soaked in plenty of water and left overnight. After about 24 hours, put the grain in a sieve, drain it, wash it carefully and let it drain again. Then the spelt is placed in a special glass for germination and covered with a cloth. The washing process is repeated about 2 to 3 times for two days. Then the grain comes with 750 ml of water in a blender, where it is crushed for one minute. Then vanilla powder and dates are added as sweeteners and are comminuted together with the spelt in the blender. The spelt milk should be consumed after seven days.
spelt milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - meyer72

Ingredients in spelt milk

The most important ingredients of spelt milk are, in particular, the fiber that is contained in the grain. It also contains gluten, small amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, sodium, phosphorus and manganese. Spelt milk is very often fortified with calcium.
spelt milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - meyer72

Differences between spelt milk and cow's milk

As is known, cow's milk contains many valuable components such as fat, calcium, vitamins and minerals. The taste of cow's milk is described by many as neutral. In contrast, in spelt milk, the ingredients mentioned are contained only in very small quantities, which forced the manufacturers to add extra. The taste of spelt milk is, if it was not sweetened, initially getting used to, because their cereal taste is very pronounced.

Spelt milk - health aspects

Although more and more consumers are using the different alternatives to milk, at least they are not a complete substitute for classic cow's milk. Those who suffer from lactose intolerance have a real alternative in spelt milk. However, it contains gluten. Some ingredients in cow's milk have to be artificially added to the spelt  milk (calcium, vitamins). In addition, the "substitute milk" consists to a large extent of water.

Products from spelt milk

Many retailers offer spelt milk in the form of ready-made drinks that are either natural (unsweetened) or offered in different flavors such as almonds. Also ice powder for easy mixing with spelt milk is available. In addition, there is also powder for protein drinks from spelt milk in online trading. Such products are available in the Internet trade, but they are also increasingly offered for sale in supermarkets, health food stores or drugstores.
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