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▷ Interesting facts about sunflower seed milk


Interesting facts about sunflower seed milk

Sunflower milk or sunflower seed milk, a fairly unknown milk alternative.

Sunflower milk - © pixabay - Yuri_B

Sunflower milk is a lesser known plant milk that is not yet commercially available. It can easily be made from sunflower seeds yourself. Sunflower seeds are the protein-rich seeds of sunflowers. In contrast to many other plants that are processed into plant drinks, sunflower seeds often come from regional cultivation and are therefore a sustainable alternative to almonds and the like.

Sunflower seeds - © Pixabay - PIX1861

General information about sunflower seeds

Probably originated in Mexico.

Sunflower seeds are used in breads and cereals and are simply served as a snack in many countries. The mild kernels are well suited as the basis for spreads and dips, as they can be combined with other flavors in many ways. Compared to other seeds and seeds, sunflower seeds are relatively inexpensive to buy.
The beautiful sunflowers are grown in many regions of the world and are very popular as an oil plant. Sunflower seeds have been a popular food in Europe since the 17th century. The beautiful flowers originally come from Mexico and the Mississippi region. Here they have been grown and the seeds used for over 4500 years.
Sunflower in glass - © Pixabay - LeFox

Production - homemade in a few minutes

Few ingredients, quick preparation.

For the sunflower seed milk, sunflowers are crushed in water. The solids are then sieved off. As in other plant drinks, the valuable ingredients are dissolved in the water by mixing and can be used in a variety of ways.
Sunflower field - © Pixabay - denizhosbas_

The ingredients of the sunflower seeds

Mineral-rich kernels for a balanced diet

Sunflower seeds have numerous ingredients that make them a valuable part of a balanced diet. The sunflower seeds contain about 22 g of protein per 100 g and are therefore particularly suitable for plant-based nutrition.
Due to their high fat content of almost 50 g to 100 g, the kernels are often processed into sunflower oil. A large part is taken up by the unsaturated fatty acids, which are considered to be particularly gentle on the vessels. In addition, the seeds contain vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E. The mineral-rich sunflower seeds provide 420 mg of magnesium per 100 g. The iron content is also rather high at 6.3 mg.
Sunflower close-up - © Pixabay - Alexas_Fotos

Health aspects of sunflower milk

Protein-rich sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds are a valuable source of protein and, like other seeds and seeds, should be part of a balanced diet. In contrast to sunflower oil, the whole kernel still contains all components, such as heat-sensitive vitamins. In contrast to animal fats, the sunflower seeds consist of unsaturated fatty acids that keep cholesterol levels low.
The minerals from the sunflower seeds are particularly important for muscle and nerve functions: magnesium is essential for the entire musculoskeletal system, but also for the nerve cells. The calcium contained in the sunflower seeds is a necessary mineral for the development of bones and teeth. A lack of calcium, for example, leads to osteoporosis. Especially women and people who eat vegetarian and vegan should also pay attention to their iron balance. Sunflower seeds are relatively rich in iron and therefore one of many iron suppliers that should be on the daily menu.
sunflower - © Pixabay - Foto-Rabe

Differences to cow's milk and other milk alternatives

Lactose-free and calcium-rich sunflower seed milk

Plant drinks are used by many people as an alternative to cow's milk, used in coffee or for cooking. Cow's milk contains milk sugar, which is often not well tolerated by adults. Depending on the processing state, milk is more or less fatty, but always rich in saturated fatty acids, which raise cholesterol levels.
Milk is known for its high calcium content (120 mg), but sunflower seeds also contain a lot of calcium (100 mg).
Sunflower from the side - © Pixabay - moritz320

The consistency of sunflower milk

Sunflower seed milk is creamy and nutty.

Sunflower seed milk is a good addition to other milk alternatives. It is high in protein and fat and can definitely take on the popular soy milk. Sunflower seeds have the advantage that they are relatively cheap and often come from regional cultivation.
This also distinguishes them from expensive nuts and kernels, such as almonds or hazelnuts. The sunflower seeds are higher in fat than milk alternatives from cereals and therefore produce a creamier milk. Even for people who do not want to tolerate or avoid soy, sunflower seeds are good for making a creamy and healthy plant drink.
Sunflower against a deep blue sky - © Pixabay - wedn

Availability and products made from sunflower milk

Not yet available in stores.

The sunflower seed milk has not yet been produced industrially. If you want to make sunflower seed milk, you have to make it yourself. Fortunately, sunflower seeds are available almost everywhere and rather cheaply. Products made from sunflower seed milk are also not yet sold. So here you have to try it yourself.
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