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Everything else you need to know about milk.

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In our blog you will learn everything about the milk, which does not fit into the other categories. Find tests that are related to milk, such as milk frothers or milk pots. Shopping guides and comparisons to dairy products and products that have to do with milk can be found here. There are also tips for cooking with milk, how to properly store and cook milk, and so on. If you have suggestions, which topics we should illuminate here for you, then just wrote us.

We are currently in the process of testing various cosmetics with milk additives, such as face creams with donkey milk or bubble baths with the addition of goat's milk. Here you also get regularly the most current tests for these and other products.

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Pea milk finally available in Germany

Princess And The Pea is the name of the new pea drink from DrinkStar GmbH

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VAVA milk frother stainless steel ▷ VA-EE009 in the test

Dishwasher-suitable milk frother in the field test

cook milk without burning  - © CC0 -  Pixabay - Myriams-Fotos

Cook milk properly, without burning - That's how it works

Boil milk without burning and without foaming is not as hard as you think!

Storage and shelf-life of milk  - © CC0 - Pixabay - 1195798

Storage and shelf life of milk

How long does milk stay fresh and how do I store it?

modern dairy farming  - © CC0 - Pixabay - freestocks-photos

Modern dairy cattle husbandry

From the tie-rod to the playpen.

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