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▷ Cook milk properly without burning - That's how it works ▷


Cook milk properly, without burning - That's how it works

Boil milk without burning and without foaming is not as hard as you think!

cook milk without burning - © CC0 -  Pixabay - Myriams-Fotos

Not only children, but many adults, like to drink warm milk. Whether pure, with cocoa or a cold with honey. Warm milk tastes good and warms the soul. But boil-up is not so easy and there are some things to keep in mind. Because otherwise the milk burns quickly or foams over. The following text describes how this can be prevented and whether milk should be better cooked on the stove or in the microwave.

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cook milk without burning - © CC0 - Pixabay - OpenClipart-Vectors

Boil the milk without burning

Although there is not much time available, the highest level on the stove should not be selected. Because then it is very likely that the milk burns. It is better to set the stove to medium heat so that it is heated slowly and above all evenly. The heat can rise up without the milk burning. In addition, the drink should always be stirred again in the pot to protect even the bottom layer before baking. Many housewives also rinse the pot with ice-cold water before filling the milk. This should also prevent burn-in.
cook milk without burning - © CC0 - Pixabay - 256417

How can the overcooking of milk be prevented?

Milk not only burns very quickly when cooking, but also often cooks over it. She climbs up and flooded the stove. And this must of course be cleaned again. To avoid this unnecessary and time-consuming work, simply put a metal spoon in the pot to heat the milk. Because at its stem, the heat is dissipated practically upwards, which overcooking is avoided. But even in this case, the milk should be stirred regularly to distribute the heat ideally and thus prevent heat build-up in the lower area. Alternatively, buttering the pot on top may also help.
cook milk without burning - © CC0 - Pixabay - Foto-Rabe

Some useful tips for cooking milk:

  • never leave the milk unattended on the stove
  • stir regularly
  • take enough time
  • Never set the stove to the highest level -> Milk burns quickly
  • Carefully test how warm the milk is
  • should the milk overcook, the pot is taken off the stove
  • special care is needed if the milk is to be boiled up for a baby
Special milk pots are available in the trade, where the milk does not burn as fast as in normal pots. In addition, this can also be heated in a microwave. But even here she should always keep an eye on the boil and be stirred regularly.
cook milk without burning - © CC0 - Pixabay - Clker-Free-Vector-Images

Milk cooking with the stove or the microwave?

As already mentioned, milk can be heated both on the stove and in the microwave. The latter is faster to operating temperature and therefore consumes less power during boiling. But the process takes much shorter and the milk can boil faster. First, this is placed in a clean cup, which ideally contains no metal components. In addition, in these a wooden spoon or alternatively a chopstick is given. The important thing is that the respective object is not completely immersed in the milk, so that the steam rise to the top and there can be no so-called foam explosion.
In addition, milk should be boiled in the microwave for a maximum of twenty seconds. After that, she is thoroughly stirred and felt if she is warm enough. If this is not the case, it can be boiled for another ten seconds. This can avoid overcooking, which can be devastating in an electrical appliance like the microwave. If the milk is to be boiled up for a baby, it should be carefully checked if it is still too hot. Then she should rest for a few minutes before being handed to the offspring. Another disadvantage of cooking milk with the microwave is that uneven heating can cause some of the important and healthy nutrients to be lost.
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