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▷ Storage and shelf life of milk ▷ Interesting facts and tips


Storage and shelf life of milk

How long does milk stay fresh and how do I store it?

Storage and shelf-life of milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - 1195798

Milk is available in many variants. They differ in taste, but also in the length of the shelf life. How long is milk edible? Worth knowing about the durability of milk and tips for proper storage.

storage and shelf life of milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - artemtation

raw milk

Strict rules for raw milk

Raw milk is sold in Germany only directly from farmers, in Switzerland but also by dairies and cheese dairies. Mostly, the milk is bottled in bottles brought by the buyer. This milk is not treated and must be refrigerated. It is stable for about two to three days after bottling. An important point in the durability is also the bottle brought: If this is not properly cleaned, it may contain germs that can significantly shorten the shelf life of the milk.
storage and shelf life of milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - congerdesign

Hygiene rules for raw milk

For the sale of raw milk, strict hygiene regulations apply within the EU. But since it was not heated, it can not be ruled out that pathogens are in it. To make them harmless, it is recommended to heat the milk before consumption. Especially for infants, pregnant women, the elderly and people with reduced immune system, the consumption of raw milk is particularly risky.
With raw milk, a creaming can occur in which the aqueous and fat components in the milk separate from one another. This has no effect on the shelf life of the milk.
storage and shelf life of milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - pixel2013

certified milk

Preferred milk is also untreated, under this name, pre-packed raw milk may be sold commercially. Also, preferred milk should be stored in the refrigerator and is stable for about two to three days after the date of filling.
storage and shelf life of milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - Pezibear

fresh milk

Fresh milk is now available in two variants to buy. Both are, however, pasteurized, so heated for a short time to kill the germs contained therein. All commercially available milk varieties are also homogenized, thereby a creaming is prevented and the milk should be wholesome.
The traditionally produced fresh milk is heated for a short time at 72-75 ° C, thereby the unopened milk is cooled until about 10 days after bottling.
Meanwhile, there is also a "longer-lasting" fresh milk, this milk has displaced the traditional fresh milk for the most part. It is heated to a higher temperature, about 123-127 ° C and is thus preserved in the unopened package cooled after filling about three weeks.

Both types of milk are stable in the refrigerator for about two to four days after opening the package. The advantage of longer-lasting milk is that they can be better stocked and spoil less milk through longer shelf life. However, it is not always clear to the buyer which method has been used as there is no labeling requirement.
storage and shelf life of milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - Devanath

Long-life milk

Sterilized by UHT.

H-milk stands for long-life milk, because this milk is sterilized by UHT and is therefore stable at room temperature for several months. The milk is briefly heated to 135-150 ° C, but this also causes changes in the proteins called denaturations. This leads to a change in the taste of the milk. In addition, vitamins are also lost. For the most part, this is due to the heating during production, but the vitamin content decreases steadily during long storage.
The advantage of the H-milk is that it can be stored for a long time and is therefore suitable to create larger stocks. In addition, it is cheaper because it does not have to be cooled during transport and storage in the trade.
After opening the H-milk, however, this is also cool and only a further two to four days preserved.
storage and shelf life of milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - manolofranco

How do I know if milk is spoiled?

In principle, raw or fresh milk should also be stored in the refrigerator before opening the package. After opening then also H-milk must be kept in the refrigerator and then quickly consumed. If possible, the milk should also be hermetically sealed, as it can absorb strong odors from other foods.
When it comes to lactic acid fermentation in raw milk, the milk is not spoiled immediately. The result is thick milk, which is still edible. It is, however, more acidic, which many people do not like. In addition, this milk contains less lactose. If other germs lead to spoilage of the milk, however, this is no longer edible, this can be recognized by a bitter taste. Anyone who is not sure whether he has thick milk in front of him, the milk should rather throw away.
From fresh milk and H-milk can normally no more thick milk arise because the lactic acid bacteria were killed during production. If there is a change in consistency and taste or smell, the milk should no longer be consumed. It may have increased dangerous germs in the milk.
Spoiled milk flocculates when poured into coffee. This should not be confused with the greasy flakes that can occur in raw and fresh milk.
Often spoiled milk tastes or smells sour or bitter, but in the case of low-fat milk in the beginning, it is difficult to notice any changes. If in doubt, you should throw away H-milk, if this has been open for some time.
storage and shelf life of milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - Goumbik

Can you freeze milk?

Sometimes you open a milk pack and do not manage to use it up in time. Freezing the milk is possible, but the freezing process changes the structure of the fat and proteins. Most of the time, the milk does not taste that good anymore. The best way to do that is still with the H-milk. The frozen milk should be gently thawed in the fridge. Maybe you do not want to drink this milk, but it is still suitable for cooking or baking. Even in the freezer, bacteria multiply, so you should refrain from freezing raw milk. Basically, it is always the best solution to consume milk as fast as possible.
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