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▷ VAVA milk frother stainless steel in the test - 150 ml milk froth


VAVA milk frother stainless steel ▷ VA-EE009 in the test

Dishwasher-suitable milk frother in the field test

Test - Milk Frother, VAVA Detachable Milk Frother - ©

Who does not like to drink his cappuccino in the morning with a perfect milk froth? If you do not go to a cafe every morning, you need a suitable milk frother or a fully automatic coffee machine with milk froth function. There are already a very large selection of milk frothers available, but basically four types are available: the frothy milk function of a coffee machine, simple stick milk frothers with rechargeable batteries, which have a rotating whisk in front, frothers without electricity and the fourth type - electric (induction ) Milk frother. These milk frothers foam and heat the milk at the same time, but also require connection to the power grid.

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Test - Milk Frother, VAVA Detachable Milk Frother - ©

packaging and shipping

As usual from Amazon.

We ordered the VAVA milk frother from Amazon and as usual, the package arrived the next day. Shipping takes place in the product packaging, so it is obvious which product it is. If this is not desired, you can specify this in the ordering process. The VAVA Milk-Frother is packed well and safely and arrived undamaged. The assembly is very simple and straightforward and after a thorough initial cleaning, it can then start.
Before that, shortly to the brand VAVA: The company seems to have been specialized in audio products like Bluetooth speakers, but has widened the product range in the course of time. On the website are at first glance only 4k TV, home cams and dash cams to find. About the search but you will find something else, such as the milk frother. A little confusing, but of course it does not affect the quality of the product.

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Test - Milk Frother, VAVA Detachable Milk Frother - ©

The first use of the VAVA milk frother

First test: froth milk and warm.

As already mentioned, the device was quickly assembled and in use. Simply attach the whisk, place the container on the base and plug in the power cord. Now you have 3 operating modes available: frothing and heating, only frothing and just heating. In the modes with foams a maximum of 150ml of milk may be filled in, with simple heating up to 300ml.
The most common use is certainly the foaming including warming of the milk. Simply pour up to 150ml of milk (lower mark) into the container, place the lid (incl. Whisk) on it, place the container on the appliance and press the button once. Already the foaming starts. At the beginning it was quite loud, but after a few moments the noise dropped to a bearable level. Clearly, the rotation develops certain sounds. After a few minutes, the foaming process is finished and there is an almost perfect milk foam available. We recommend to use the milk froth immediately, otherwise it loses its perfectly creamy consistency again.
Test - Milk Frother, VAVA Detachable Milk Frother - ©

Only foam or just warm with the VAVA milk frother

Probably not used that often.

As mentioned, the VAVA milk frother has two more functions. Either just warm the milk or just froth it. Just to heat the milk without frothing it, simply remove the whisk and operate the frother as before, so pour in milk (now up to 300ml), lid on it (without whisk) and start with a simple push of a button. As also read in the instruction manual, by heating the milk a small amount of milk froth is also formed here.
Die letzte Funktion schäumt die Milch ohne sie zu erwärmen. Dafür einfach wieder bis zu 150ml Milch einfüllen und jetzt den Knopf etwas 2 Sekunden gedrückt halten. So startet die Schäumfunktion ohne die Milch zu erwärmen.
Test - Milk Frother, VAVA Detachable Milk Frother - ©

Technical data and operating instructions - VAVA milk frother VA-EE009

Model: VA-EE009
Input: US / CA: AC 120V 60Hz EU / UK: AC 220V - 240V 50Hz
Power: 550 watts
Capacity: up to 300 ml (150 ml in foam mode)
Cable length: about 70cm
Operating time (heating only): maximum 5 1/2 minutes
Operating time in foam mode without heating: 2 minutes
Operating time in foam mode with heating: maximum 4 1/2 minutes

On the inside of the container there are markings for the maximum fill quantities. These are a little bit difficult to recognize, but over time you get the right amount but also without a precise view of these markings.

Cleaning the device:
The cup and lid are easy to clean in the dishwasher. According to the manual you should remove the whisk before and clean by hand. But we just let it go and cleaned it in the dishwasher. So far he has not taken any damage.

Product page on the manufacturer website:
This was only searchable for us and can be found here: Product details for the milk frother VA-EE009 on

Manual - VAVA Milk Frother VA-EE009 here for download on

Video about the VAVA VA-EE009

Once a complete milk foam process on video
In this video you can see how easy it is to make a perfect portion of milk foam with the VAVA milk frother. Incidentally, the noise in the video sounds a bit worse than it is, but he is not loud, the VAVA.
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