A-2, the "Urmilch" from Upper Austria

Milk for people milk protein allergy.

A-2, the

This milk is produced by two specialized farms in Upper Austria and is very much in vogue. The milk comes from two farms in the Almtal and in the Kremstal which only keep cows that produce pure A2A2 milk. This milk differs from the usual in the supermarkets in that they contain only ß-casein in A2A2 form and no mixed forms of A1 and A2 ß-casein. So there is a very high chance that you, if you are suffering from ß-Casein intolerance, better tolerate this milk.
Cows that did not produce pure A2A2 milk were identified by DNA testing and sold to other farms. This ensures that A2 A2 milk contains only A2A2 milk. Incidentally, the milk contains just as much as the "normal" cow's milk lactose, so it is not an alternative for people with lactose intolerance.

The ingredients of A-two, the original milk

The A-2 milk, per pack, contains 278 kJ or 66 kcal per 100 ml, 4.0 grams of fat (2.4 grams of saturated fat), 4.8 grams of carbohydrates (4.8 grams of sugar), 3.4 grams Sugar and 0.13 grams of salt.
The milk should be stored at a maximum of +6 degrees Celsius to ensure the minimum shelf life stated on the gable of the packaging.
The A-2 Urmilch is available in Austria from BILLA, Merkur and selected ADEG stores in Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Vienna and Burgenland, as well as at Nah u. Frisch Trenzinger, Inzersdorf and by appointment from the farm.

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