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▷ Sour milk - Sweden milk - Worth knowing about Swedish Filmjölk


Sour milk - Sweden milk - Worth knowing about Swedish Filmjölk

Scandinavia can say hello!

Sour milk - Sweden milk - © CC0 - Pixabay - Unif

As the German name "Schwedenmilch" suggests, this form of sour milk is an everyday food in Sweden. On all sorts of occasions, the slightly sour-tasting drink offers beneficial ingredients to enjoy. In the following, we have prepared for you what the Swedish milk is all about. Find here interesting facts about the Swedish Filmjölk.

Ingredients of the Swedish milk

Relatively high fat, but many vitamins

Per 100 grams, the milk known in the kingdom as "Filmjölk" with 3.8 grams of fat is a bit lower in fat than the known organic milk of 3.5 grams or buttermilk with just one gram of fat. Protein is 3.4 grams and carbs are represented at 4.8 grams per 100 grams. With 65 kcal and 272 kJ, the total energy to book. Negligible is the salt content of 0.04 grams. More interesting are the vitamins and minerals. Here is a full range of all B vitamins from B1 to B12, vitamins A, C, D, E and K represented. In addition to bone-forming calcium, u. a. Also magnesium, iron, fluorine, iodine and phosphorus present.

When and how to enjoy?

Numerous preparation possibilities.

Sweden milk can be enjoyed on the one hand pure. It tastes very creamy and slightly sour, it makes it very hearty and quenches thirst and hunger at the same time. Since the sour milk is available in different consistencies, it can also be smeared on bread. In our northern neighbor country, they like to be on crispbread. Filmjölk is actually an all-rounder. It can be wonderfully used as a base for a hearty salad dressing, served in cereals or served with fresh fruit.

Where is milk from Sweden available?

Unfortunately not to buy everywhere.

Unfortunately, the eyes have to move a bit when shopping, by accident, the Swedish milk does not end up in the shopping basket. In this country you have to have some luck in large supermarkets that it is even on the shelf. In the discounter you will not find them. Organic supermarkets, on the other hand, offer Swedish milk relatively often, especially in larger cities. Also on Amazon can order Swedish milk, e.g. the Schrozberg Organic Sweden Milk (Link to

This is how Swedish milk is made

Production similar to yogurt.
As with yoghurt, milk is mixed with lactic acid bacteria. But Sweden's milk uses lower temperatures and other bacterial cultures. These beneficial bacteria such as Lactococcus and Streptococcus provide by their metabolism for a sour taste and easy digestibility. Lactose and casein, which cause indigestion to many people, are largely split by the bacteria.
Those who suffer from lactose intolerance (a very small proportion of Europeans) should abstain from using Swedish milk. If the thick milk is edible, the last production step is liquefaction by stirring. In Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, there are also very viscous milk products, which are more like yoghurt consistency.

Make Filmjölk yourself

Very straightforward with everyday ingredients.
A suggested recipe for home-made Swedish milk is: heat 500 grams of whole milk (do not boil), allow to cool and stir in 100g of whipped cream and 100g of sour cream. Then cover 24-48h at room temperature. Voilà.
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