Milk clogged - is it true or not?

Rumor or truth

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Drinking a glass of milk daily was a standard treatment for calcium deficiency in the 1960s and 1970s. Many parents did not know about lactose intolerance or intolerance to cow's milk. Today, all sorts of knowledge and half-truths entwine around the milk enjoyment.

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Is milk healthy or not?

Some believe that whole milk can clog the respiratory tract if someone has a cold. Other instances vehemently deny that. There was great uncertainty in the population about what's right now. Cold diseases can be caused by overheating and subsequent cooling, but also by a droplet infection. Often a cold nose is enough to prevent a cold. A cold nose creates a perfect gateway for cold viruses and bacteria. The human immune system is weakening, especially in the dark season. With vitamin C, healthy sleep and hardening by walks in the fresh air, a better cold protection can be established.
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Daily a glass of milk?

Doctors especially recommend children to continue to drink a glass of whole milk daily. So far, it has not been proven that this popular drink basically harms the health. If lactose intolerance or intolerance to milk proteins is proven, frequent infections indicate that those affected should no longer consume cow's milk. Almond and rice milk, coconut, soy or oat milk are well tolerated.
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Important calcium supplier?

The important thing about whole milk is its high calcium content. This must be replaced with the alternative milk drinks in part by calcium supplements. Fact is that calcium is important for many processes in the organism. Together with magnesium, the mineral contained in milk ensures sufficient bone density. He builds the tooth substance and provides the organism in many other places with the required minerals.
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Does milk mucous the respiratory tract in case of a cold?

Milch mit Honig.

Our grandmothers claimed that whole milk clogged the organism. It should therefore not be given in case of a cold. However, this belief was counteracted by the frequent administration of hot whole milk with honey as a soothing cold remedy.
Meanwhile, it has to prove that whole milk does not cause any mucilage. The mucus after a cold is caused by natural processes in the body. The slime formation serves to remove the triggering germs as quickly as possible from the inside of the body. So far, no scientific study has been able to prove that a cold-related mucilage is due to milk consumption.
The positive effect of hot whole milk with honey is due to the honey, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Hot soy or oat milk would also have a soothing effect on colds. Anyone who is heavily clogged with pharyngitis or cold may be better able to cough up with expectorants or salt water inhalations.
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