Unwanted ingredients in the milk

From pesticides to disinfectant solutions.

milk ingredients - © CC0 - Pixabay - congerdesign

Milk is no longer a natural product! When she leaves the dairy, she has gone through the various steps of an industrial processing chain such as homogenization, pasteurization and heat treatment. This allows undesirable ingredients to enter the milk. The struggle for high milk yields comes at a price: bacterial load and drug residues are on the rise and can be a threat. Veterinary or plant protection products from the feed, but also disinfectant and cleaning solutions can contaminate the milk. Milk testing institutes test samples for bacteria and other microorganisms at least once a month, as well as regular antibiotic residues. Many liters of milk were identified as contaminated in this way and not released for consumption. Compliance with the statutory limit serves the safety of the consumer and reduces the risk of exposure to foreign substances.

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